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The yarn feeders are controlled by a system of belts which transport them with the utmost precision along the needle bed.


The spouts of the SYF wire guides are designed to guarantee maximum precision in positioning the wire.


The SYF carriage is designed to offer maximum performance in the smallest possible size.

SYF technology

SYF technology (Smart Yarn Feeders)

SYF Technology represents one of the cornerstones of the evolution of our machinery. Driven by transmission belts and no longer by the carriage, the motorized thread guides allow special processes and optimized production times.

The SYF Technology (Smart Yarn Feeders) replaces the normal thread guides with an innovative belt transport system.
Each yarn guide is equipped with an encoder-controlled forward belt and a return belt to guarantee maximum precision in their positioning. This technology allows you to perform complex processes that cannot be performed without it, furthermore the SYF technology eliminates the idle runs of the carriage, optimizing production. The reduced dimensions of the carriage favor productivity, it is also equipped with an independent lighting system that allows you to control the workings of the systems. There are several models of Mandarin machines on which SYF technology is present and they are indicated with the symbol shown in the center of this page.

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