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Classic Serie is the most versatile range of ''traditional'' knitting machines, designed to satisfy the widest range of technical needs. 

Classic - Series | Straight Knitting Machines

1) Fineness: 5G, 6G, 7G, 8G, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 15G, 16G, 18G and 5.7G, 6.2G, 7.2G multi-gauge.
2) Bed width: 45", 52", 56" (inches).
3) Knitting speed: controlled by AC servo motor with 32 selectable speed settings, the maximum speed is 1.4m/s.
4) Knitting system: single wagon with two systems / single wagon with three systems / single wagon with four systems.
5) Knitting function: transfer, English knit, looped, punched, inlay, jacquard, shaped knit, hidden shaping, dropped knit.
6) Moving: controlled by AC servo motor with displacement within 2 inches (on coarse gauges 4 inches with double displacement), with the function of fine adjustment.
7) Probe alarm system: the alarm safety device moves horizontally.
8) Encoders: is equipped with an advanced counting system.
9) Transfer: each system is complete with transfer, work, tuck in, out of work, producing with maximum efficiency.
10) Mesh thickness: controlled by stepping motor, 128 selectable density levels, adjustment supported by subdivision technology: 0-650, so the length of the cloths is more accurate.
11) Dynamic Gradation: made by high speed stepper motor. With the dynamic gradation in multiple addresses/tables, it is possible to create fabrics with multiple thicknesses in the same rank, enriching the design
of work.
12) Felling system: controlled by stepping motor, adjustable for different stitches, allows different shaping and working results.
13) Sub roller (*): programmable instructions, controlled by stepper motor, draft with variable power with 32 levels regulated with subdivision: 0-100.
14) Thread guides: 2x8 thread guides on both sides of the 4 guides, movable in any position (actual motorized thread guides for the SYF model).
15) Protection system: the alarm is automatically activated in the event of yarn breakage, winding, yarn lifting, cloth rewinding, end of work, counting error, stop due to impact, programming errors, safety block.
16) Control system:
- Displays: adopts 10.1 inch industrial LCD touch screen, graphical user interface. Input is provided by USB or internet, internal system memory reaches 2GB.
- Monitoring menu: each type of operating parameter can be set in multiple languages; it can be changed even with the work in progress.
17) Network functionality (data transmission): via high speed ethernet knitwear data can be uploaded, downloaded and shared.

Technical specifications




x 16 Standards


45", 52", 56"


5G, 6G, 7G, 8G, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 15G, 16G, 18G and 5.7G, 6.2G, 7.2G multi-gauge.

Automatic flat knitting machine equipped with a single carriage with two systems, which are able to transfer the needle individually or simultaneously; they can transfer the needle when the other system is knitting. The machine control interface, with LCD display, facilitates interaction with the systems integrated in the machine by being easy to understand. The inversion of the cams is managed by motors, replacing the traditional mechanical management in each single system, reducing its distance and improving its precision. The new Smart design of the carriage and the motorized management of the cams significantly reduce production times. Each gradation engine is equipped with the "dynamic gradation" function which allows you to create fabrics with more and more densities on the same course, increasing the stylistic possibilities.

Mandarin technology


Technical details

Mandarin technology

Mandarin machines have a latest generation technological content, both in electronics, abandoning the classic PLC system by introducing micro-electronics with microchips, and in mechanics, developing innovative solutions that break the limits imposed by existing technologies.


Il tiraggio Mandarin è posizionato 2 cm sotto lo spazio di lavoro degli aghi ed è controllato da motori stepper


Le dimensioni del carro sono state ridotte in favore della velocità di inversione.


Sinkers equipped with stepper motor for each individual system.


Interfaccia di controllo macchina tramite monitor LCD touchscreen da 11" 


Mandarin machines have latest generation integrated electronics.


Grading with hyper-fast motors with a maximum range of 150 dots per inch.


The Classic Series is available with traditional yarn guides or with SYF (Smart Yarn Feeders) motorized yarn guides.


The Mandarin draft is positioned 2 cm below the working space of the needles and is controlled by stepper motors


The Mandarin draft is positioned 2 cm below the working space of the needles and is controlled by stepper motors

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