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1. An invitation to join.

2. A tribute to the land where we build our machines.

3. A sweet memory.

4. Citrus typical of the Mediterranean areas.

5. Second most spoken language in the world.

Mandarin Knitting Technology was born in 2011 in Conegliano (Italy), from a project of CEO and Founder Sante De Pecol, who after more than 40 years in the straight knitting machinery industry, decided to create his own machinery project and then industrialize it in the Zhejiang province, an important stop on the ancient Silk Road that has always been famous for its textile and electronics industries. Passion for innovation, and love for knitwear are the cornerstones of the company, which every day devotes itself to the research and development of technological innovations that can overcome the limits that technology on the market imposes, to create technical and visual marvels with the highest precision and quality. Mandarin Machines are the perfect union of ancient knitting knowledge and the latest technologies in software and electronics, using nanotechnology to minimize the load of the electronic system in the machine. The Mandarin brand is a guarantee of reliability and quality, and it is with these that in its first 12 years of existence, it has established strong partnerships and business organizations in 15 countries on 4 continents.

About us

Where we are




Via San Giuseppe 21/b, 31015, Conegliano (TV)

Pistoia office

Via Larga 216/b, 51039 , Quarrata (PT)

Naples office

CIS of Nola, Isola 4, 80035 Nola (NA)



Vitex-Lázaro International SA
C/ Juan de la Cierva 14 ,08397, Pineda de Mar (Barcelona)



Zona Industrial do Socorro, Lugar de Säo Gens, 4820-011, Fafe




Opening Soon

Our values

Our company values have been the heart of our success in the international market for more than 12 years. We are committed to providing our customers with an efficient, high quality service based on a strong work ethic and culture of partnership. Our attention to detail and precision enables us to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations. Our commitment to environmental and social sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from sourcing sustainable materials to promoting an inclusive and respectful work environment. We are proud of our reputation as a leader in our industry and will continue to work with passion and dedication to keep these values at the heart of our operations.



The quality of our machinery is undisputed, both in the materials and in the fabrics they make. 

2-year guarantee on all machine parts.

5 year warranty in case of manufacturing defects



Reliability is the main feature that a manufacturer looks for in a machine and we know it. Mandarin machines are designed to be easy to use and resistant to wear.



We are constantly looking for hardware and software solutions that break the limits imposed by the technology currently present on the market



Time = Money

Having this principle very clear, we work every day to guarantee a quick and efficient after-sales service.



"The only way to appreciate our technology is to know it" for this reason, Mandarin guarantees its customers unlimited online or face-to-face training. 



Mandarin machines are born for a demanding market of quality and technique, which is why our standards are among the highest in the world. But let's not forget that price is also important.

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