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Mandarin HUB

Mandarin HUB encompasses in itself the activities that characterize the principles and values that Mandarin pursues:

• RESEARCH of technological and social innovations

• DEVELOPMENT of innovative technical solutions

• TRAINING of young minds to revive the textile sector

To better interface with these activities, Mandarin has created two specific realities: The Knitting Laboratories that deal with Research and Development, and the Knitting Academy, a reality that collaborates with institutional bodies with the aim of bringing young people closer to the textile sector .

Research & Development

Mandarin Knitting Laboratories

Knitting Laboratories is our knitwear Research and Development network, divided into various laboratories in Europe, Asia and South America and made up of professional programmers, material experts, pattern makers and stylists. 

The goal of Knitting Laboratories is only one: to innovate what exists to create what does not exist, even if this involves creating specific machinery. 


Mandarin Academy

Knitting Academy is a reality that works in collaboration with institutional bodies and professional training institutes, with the aim of training the new generations that will populate the textile industry in the coming years. 



Mandarin Archives

Mandarin Archives is the collection of the most iconic garments produced on mandarin machinery. 

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